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Battalion Chief Wesley Williams

 The president, Regina Wilson is hosting membership drives on September 25, October 12 and November 19th,
all taking place at 7:30pm at the Vulcan Hall. "I would like to get the support and knowledge of the membership to help those attending
to hear about the Society and all that it has to offer. It would be great to have the history shared with those
wishing to join from senior members."
The Vulcan Society Executive Board acknowledges the contributions of its newest members
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              Robert Turner ll                                                             Regina Wilson                                              Tracy Lewis
    1st Deputy Fire Commissioner                                          Vulcan Society President                                   Fire Lieutenant

A recent article was penned by our very own Paul Washington and has since sparked a storm of controversy throughout the department. The Captain writes of his frustrations at the blatant disparity in the honoring of members of color who perished on 9/11 compared to their white counterparts. 
Whether you agree with the article or not is irrelevant. However, one should understand that these views are from someone who was there. Thus, his perspective can only be challenged by someone who also was there.

Dates to Remember

 Vulcanette  Memorial Service                                                                Sunday October 4th

 The Firefighter Leon Smith Foundation  Musical Extravaganza         Sunday October 8th

Million People March                                                                                 Sunday October 10th

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A 2nd Alarm Affair presented by the Northeast Regional Conference

Women of the FDNY

1st Black Female Firefighter
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Vulcan Society 75th Anniversary Dinner Dance Photos

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Million Person March    October 10, 2015


Greetings from Franz Edwards
Keep up with the latest of what's happening in the retirees world
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NY Daily News
The Pastor of the Bethel AME Church in Setauket, Long Island is a local fire chief who wishes to extend an invitation to all of our members.
On Saturday, October 3, members are invited to attend a lecture on the book Fire Fight by Ginger Otis. Firefighters from other regions have also been invited to examine this important historical work. Share your thoughts and experiences.
The event is from 1 - 3pm
Location: 33 Christian Ave, Setauket, NY